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The Learning Tree Academy


Where children come to learn, Explore and Play


Enriching The Mind One Child At A Time

The Learning Tree Academy takes pride in offering not only the highest quality care but also in offering programs designed to help your child reach and exceed developmental milestones for his/her age.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for your child to grow and develop mentally, socially, and emotionally in a loving environment that challenges them and encourages them to rise to their full potential in every area.

Learning and Loving Go Hand in Hand

The Learning Tree Academy is unique in comparison to other daycare centers and childcare providers in our area, because our whole approach is to develop unique and intelligent young individuals through the strengthening of emotional, physical, and intellectual being.  We accomplish this through three basic fundamental beliefs:

Every Child Is Unique

The staff at The Learning Tree Academy do their best to ensure each child receives the instruction and guidance that best suits his/her style of learning.  Through the incorporation of various activities which teach to different styles of learning (ex: auditory, visual, hands on) the staff work to create a learning environment that is condusive to all.    

A Wonderful Environment Where Children Can Learn And Grow


Imagine, Create, Participate

The Learning Tree Academy takes pride in being able to offer a curriculum that includes a variety of activities which cater to various learning styles.Your child will embark on a journey of learning and exploration in our early academic programs. Our curriculum, The Creative Curriculum, is purposefully constructed by using age-appropriate lessons to provide your child with a variety of academic experiences structured to promote problem-solving abilities, persistence and a passion for lifelong learning.

History & Mission

Our Mission Statement is that The Learning Tree Academy believes that the early education experiences of our children are extremely important to their lives.  These experiences help set the tone for how they learn and take advantage of opportunities presented to them.  As caregivers and educators, we take on this responsibility to provide them a safe, healthy, fun, engaging, creative and learning environment.

We Are a Meck Pre-K Provider

What is MECK Pre-K ?

MECK Pre-K is a FREE... Mecklenburg County-funded program that aims to ultimately offer universal pre-kindergarten to all of the County’s Pre-School children.

To complete a MECK Pre- K Application, please stop by our location at 5500 Starkwood Drive or call for more information 704.563.8475.

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