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Preschool Focus

Our Lower Preschool Program services children in the age group of 3's and young 4's.  Our curriculum focuses on the concept that children learn best through play. It is important for children to have opportunities to construct their own knowledge through creativity, interaction, exploration, and imitation of role models. Every child is unique, therefore; our curriculum helps to support different learning styles through Reading, Music, Language, and Math. Reading activities address early literacy skills such as rhyming, phonemic awareness, basic vocabulary, listening comprehension, and reading for enjoyment.

This classroom prepares this group for our onsite Meck Pre-K classes.

Meck Pre-K

Our Meck Pre-K Program helps children build skills which are necessary for success in kindergarten and beyond.  Through administering the County’s program we provide children a safe learning environment in which they can develop, discover and explore.  Our teachers meet the educational requirements set forth by the county and have several years of experience in the Pre-K classroom.  Each of our classrooms has no more than 18 children and are staffed by a Lead Teacher and an Assistant Teacher.  We also have at least one bi-lingual teacher in each classroom. 

The Meck Pre-K classes last for 6.5 hours per day.  During that time each class follows a schedule which is customized to the lesson plans developed by the teachers.  Each class day includes choice time in learning centers, small groups led by a teacher, outside time for physical activity and large group time.  Music, sand and water play, dramatic play, literacy, math and science are incorporated throughout the class time.  All activities and classroom centers are intentionally designed for learning based on specific studies designated by Meck Pre-K administration.  

*To provide additional support, we also offer transportation and  wrap-around care for parents who need the additional support before/after school.

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